Texas Rental Association

Volunteer - Get Involved

TRA is a member-driven organization. The ARA members in Texas annually elect rental store members to serve on the Board of Directors for two years. To round out the board, the Board of Directors appoints an ARA associate member to fill the Associate Member Director position(s).

TRA board member:

  • Attend and participate in board meetings (minimum of 4 per year).
  • Prepare for board meetings by reviewing the agenda, minutes, budget, and supporting documents.
  • Plan and execute activities for the rental industry in Texas, such as educational and social events, legislative advocacy, and volunteer recruitment.
  • Act as an advocate for the association and the programs and services it offers.
  • Communicate with other board members and the ARA staff in a timely manner to board matters.

Serving on the TRA board can help you:

  • Showcase to your staff and customers your professionalism and leadership role in the industry.
  • Plug into what is happening in the industry and your area.
  • Stay updated on the products, training and information you need to know.
  • Be surrounded by the people and knowledge that will help you grow your business and career.

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