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Reduce jobsite thefts

Use the tips below to secure your equipment on the jobsite — but don't forget to protect yourself before the equipment leaves your business. Be sure to keep an accurate list of equipment, including PIN/serial numbers and take advantage of ARA's partnership with the National Equipment Register (NER), which allows members to register up to 1,000 pieces of mobile, off-road equipment for free. To learn more about this service, log in to ARArental.org, hover over on the Resources tab and then click on NER.

  • Do not leave hand tools or small equipment at sites. If lock boxes have to be left, be sure they are secured with additional locks, chain, etc.
  • Consider the mobility of equipment when securing the jobsite, and surround high-risk machines with large objects that are difficult to move. 
  • Do not leave machines on unfenced properties or job sites over the weekends — where possible, move machines to yards or locate a secure lot near the sites where you can temporarily store the machines, such as a car dealership, home depot, etc.
  • Disable machines that have to be left — have field service mechanics disconnect batteries, pull fuses, relays or ignition circuits or remove tires. Do not leave machines or materials on trailers and be sure fuel tanks are locked.
  • Designate an employee or supervisor to make a random check. Be sure this person knows what machines, tools and materials should be at each site so that missing property is not overlooked.
  • Contractors and sub-contractors should advise site security guards if any activity is expected as thieves are often familiar with the jobsite and may even have credentials that they should be on the site or moving equipment. Be certain guards have a contact number so that they can alert you as needed.
  • Let employees know that management will be making spot checks of jobsites — let employee gossip work to your advantage.
  • Post a sign at sites with an emergency contact number, and signs that say you offer a reward for information on thefts at a site. Give your local police patrol commander a 24-hour contact number if something comes up. Signs can also let the thief know that patrols are in the area and that machine serial numbers have been recorded and are available to police 24 hours a day.
  • If there is a 24-hour convenience store or gas station across from your site or yard, let people there know you will make it worth their while to notify you or the police of any suspicious activity — be certain they have your number.
  • Be ready to make a report of any theft, graffiti or vandalism as soon as it is discovered — know which agency to call, have an accurate list of equipment serial numbers, and know which machines are at which site. Report the incident immediately to police and call NER with thefts for inclusion in the NER database and regional distribution as a theft alert to law enforcement and industry contacts.

Additional suggestions can be found in NER’s free 12-page Theft Prevention Guide



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